TruHerbs GMaster - Japan Patented Formula Prebiotic & Probiotic for Gut | TruHerbs 肠大师日本专利活性益生菌

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TruHerbs GMaster - A Trustworthy Solution for Your Gut

Featured with renowned dual-bifidus from Japan-Bifidobacterium long BB536 and Bifidobacterium breve M16-V that support your daily wellbeing. Together with Nutrifood Red Berries from Netherlands, dietary fibre Inulin and delicious yogurt powder in a handy sachet for you to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Each serving provides 2.5 Billion CFUs of active probiotic, including 2 strains which their are patented from Japan that are well-studied to be effective in maintaining good gastrointestinal and immune health.

Why Choose Us?

  • It contains 250 million of probiotics in each sachet
  • Formula of both prebiotics and probiotics supply food for human microflora to make sure they perform readily in human body.
  • Key features of Japan patented probiotics :additional 2 Japan patented probiotics, providing healthy probiotics ecosystem!
  • It adopts high-end micro-encapsulation technology which is important in protecting probiotics bacteria from degradation by gastric acid. Up to 90% of probiotics remains active and able to form a stable ecosystem.
  • It is highly soluble in water with yoghurt flavor and convenient with its sachet packaging
  • 8 main benefits: readjusts sensitive body constitution, strengthen immune system, promotes defecation and improves constipation, enhances beauty, regulates body function, maintains gut health, aids skin condition, assists in metabolism
  • It can be absorbed rapidly by human body and it may consume together with other food and drinks such as juices or yoghurt drinks.
  • Each sachet contains 250 million probiotics while each box contains 7.5 billion of probiotics, therefore, it is highly recommended for both kids and elderly!

Patented Active Ingredients Of TruHerbs G Master Probiotic
Nutrifood Red Berries

  • Patented from France
  • Anthocyanin are blue, red, purple pigments found in plants such as flower, fruits and tubers
  • Appears as red pigment in acidic while exist as blue pigment in alkaline conditions
  • Possess anti oxidative and antimicrobial activities
  • Improve visual
  • Neurological health
  • Protect against various non-communicable diseases

Japan Bifidobacterium longum BB536

  • Patented from Japan
  • More than 100 scientific literatures
  • Originate from human intestine
  • Higher inhibitory effect on the growth of E.coli
  • Generally Recognised As Safe(GRAS) under FDA regulations
  • Help to increase Bifidobacterium, reduce frequency of abdominal pain and constipation
  • Improve the intestinal microbiota composition of infants in 2 months
  • Improve symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome in children
  • Reduce fever, flu, sore throat, cough, the running nose

Japan Bifidobacterium breve M-16V

  • Patented from Japan
  • More than 80 scientific evidences and used in more than 140 NICU hospital in Japan
  • Help to relieve skin allegry symptoms in infants
  • Research shown that symptoms of atopic dermatitis were relieved in infants with milk allergy


  • Helps to increase intestinal bifidobacteria
  • Lowers C-reactive protein, which help restoring Leptin
  • Maintain a good intestinal environment

Chios Mastiha

  • Derived from the mastiha tree Pistachia lentiscus var. Chia
  • As know as a traditional medicine for both stomach disorders and skin/wounds inflammations.
  • According to Europian Medicines Agency decision, mastic, as a traditional herbal medicinal product, is used in mild dyspeptic disorders.


  1. Reduce harmful bacteria
  2. Improve Intestinal and digestive health
  3. Relieve constipation or diarrhea
  4. Alleviate abdominal discomfort
  5. Improve nutrient absorption
  6. Reduce eczema and skin allergies
  7. Enhance immunity and overall health
  8. Restore good bacteria in digestive tract
  9. Strengthen immune system

Suitable for people with the following problems:

  • Stomach ache
  • Diarrhea
  • Poor Digestive
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)
  • Low Immunity and always fall sick
  • Eczema
  • Skin Allergies
  • Loss of Appletite
  • Constipation
  • Picky Eaters and Rarely Eat Vegetable
  • Take Antibiotic Frequently due to Illness

Direction of use:
6 Years Old Below: Take 1/2 sachet per day. May consume directly from the sachet. (Suitable from age 1)

6 Years Old BelowAbove:Take 1 sachet per day. May consume directly from the sachet.

Suitable For: G6BD, ADHD,AUTIM,Lactose intolerance

Adult: Take 1-2 sachet per day. May consume directly from the sachet.

Ingredients: Isomaltulose, Yoghurt Powder, Inulin, Tapioca Starch, Nutrifood Red Berries, Mastic Powder, Bifidobacterium longum BB536, Bifidobacterium breve M-16V

Gluten Free , Lactose Free, Artificial Colors Free , NO Flavors or Sweeteners, Sugar Free,Soy Free

30 sachets x Minimum 2.5 Billion CFUs

TruHerbs 肠大师日本专利活性益生菌 - 值得信赖的肠道解决方案

采用来自日本的著​​名双歧杆菌-长双歧杆菌 BB536 和短双歧杆菌 M16-V,支持您的日常健康。连同来自荷兰的 Nutrifood Red Berries、膳食纤维菊粉和美味的酸奶粉装在一个方便的小袋中,让您随时随地享用。

每份提供 25 亿 CFU 的活性益生菌,包括2种著名专利菌株经过充分研究可有效维持良好胃肠道和免疫健康的菌株。

30 包/盒