RH Stingless Bee Honey - Kelulut Honey | 向阳银蜂蜜

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Pure natural honey without any additives containing more enzymes, in addition to promoting the body & cell metabolism, other sugar products do not have special features, and the rest of the ingredients include trace elements and Such as protein, high nutritional value, 10 times higher than other honey. Silver honey contains 16 amino acids (Asid Amino), glucose, vitamins (A / B / C / D / E), bio flavones (Bioflavanoid) and minerals.

It is infused in propolis and undergone a natural fermentation process that gives a unique and distinctive flowerish aroma with a sour taste.

银蜂是一种体积细小的蜂种,黑色的外形看似一只苍蝇,其学名为Trigona Carbonaria,基于其尾端并无毒蛰,因此也俗称无蛰蜂或无针蜂,马来人则称为LebahKelulut。 纯天然不加任何添加剂的银蜂蜜中含有较多的酵素,除了能促进人体内的细胞新陈代谢外,也能控制癌细胞,是其它糖制品没有的特殊功能,而其余的成分则包括微量元素及类蛋白等,营养价值颇高,高于其他蜂蜜的10倍。